Administrative Core

The Administrative Core (AC): The Administrative Core oversees all functions of the University of Iowa Hawk-IDDRC to ensure an optimal environment for conducting Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities research across the lifespan, tailored to a rural population, that will improve the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and amelioration of IDDs. The AC, led by IDDRC Co-Directors Lane Strathearn and Ted Abel, oversees the research project and cores, promotes collaboration within the Hawk-IDDRC and among other IDDRCs, and supports the outreach and education missions of the Center. The AC will focus on four areas: (1) Administrative Oversight: to provide the leadership, vision and administrative oversight to manage a productive, cost-effective Center focused on IDD research; (2) Research Support: to support an innovative Research Project and state-of-the-art core research facilities that promote collaborative, multidisciplinary, and translational research programs; (3) Research Dissemination and Communication: to ensure effective communication to other scientists, educators, policy makers, government entities, and the lay public, including diverse populations and those with IDD conditions and their families; and (4) Education: to support the next generation of IDD clinicians, physician-scientists, and researchers. 

Organizational Chart, Administrative Core