The Clinical Translational Core (CTC): The Clinical Translational Core of the Hawk-IDDRC seeks to address the challenges faced by those living with IDD at all stages of life by providing investigators with the resources to transition discoveries from the lab into patient practice, and enable an understanding of the biology behind clinical observations, in order to advance the research. This Core will fulfill the following goals: (1) Facilitate and accelerate the recruitment and clinical evaluation of IDD-affected patients at all stages of life and from diverse areas to connect them and their families with clinical studies and resources; (2) Provide IDD researchers with biobanking and bioinformatics services; and (3) Facilitate and support the design, development, and testing of novel IDD therapies by providing a successful architecture for clinical trials and drug manufacturing services to IDD researchers.


Learn about Clinical and Translational Science Awards here: Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) 

Organizational chart, Clinical Translational Core