The Neurocircuitry and Behavior Core (NBC): The Neurocircuitry and Behavior Core provides state-of-the-art services that foster studies of IDD across the lifespan—from conception to adulthood, tailored to a rural population. The Core supports research projects affiliated with the Hawk-IDDRC that utilize both animals and humans as well as those that cross-fertilize a translational approach to the study of IDD from a lifespan perspective. The Core is made up of two units: (1) the Neuroimaging Division (NID) and (2) the Neural Circuits and Behavior Division (NCBD). The NID will assist in the development, implementation, and completion of neuroimaging research studies in animal models as well as humans, assessing brain structure, function, and metabolism. The NCBD will provide expertise in neural circuit function, behavior (e.g. social interaction, sleep), and cognition (e.g. learning and memory) in animal models and humans using tools that are often not available within individual laboratories. For studies using animal models, the NCBD will provide facilities and services to aid investigators performing behavioral assays. For human studies, the NCBD has significant expertise in studying human behavior and cognition across the lifespan and will design and implement cognitive paradigms to study neural circuits, which can be applied to individuals with IDDs as well as controls. 

Organizational chart, Neuro behavioral core